We are a nonprofit organization registerd with th IRS as a Multimedia and event creation using technology for good!.

To be more specific! NAICS CODE: 51 Information | NTEE Code: Media, Communications Organizations (A30)

On January 6th 2020, we finally end up having all the paperwork as a tax exempt nonprofit organization  in New York that would revolutionize the evangelical world using media, technology and entertainment as platform for a change.

We have worked over the past seven years conducting research and learn while helping others.

Our Mission is to create, train and help others with a good cause that can lead for a better community.

Our goals are to: 

•Create a movement of thousands of individuals and organizations that use media and entertainment as an instrument for a change, installing positive values and service to others. 

•Mobilize millions of dollars to support the creation and consumption of positive, uplifting, and values based media and entertainment programming.  

•To provide media literacy training to the community regarding the importance and impact of consuming positive programming while creating the appetite for service and achieving dreams. 

Our different realizations :

RTLA: Radio Tv Levanjil Agogo: Community multimedia studio open freely to the community.

Training Sessions every saturday from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm.